Does the game of soccer send your pulse racing when you hear of luminaries like Ronaldo and Messi? Well, nearly everyone is able to enjoy the game, but not all can be masters at it. Pepsi’s latest project is known as “Sound of Football”, where this experiment is meant to more or less level the playing field regardless of skill level as it requires team mates from both sides to play the match using nothing but their ears – aided by an intelligent tracking system, of course.

Tracab is the creator behind this system, where it comprises of 16 cameras that will cover the length and breadth of the pitch. A couple of stereovision cameras are located at mid-field, where jersey colors are the distinguishing factor between the home team and the away team. This set up can track all players’ positions in real time, and saw action at the previous World Cup which had Spain run out as winners.

All information will be sent to an iPhone that is attached to each player’s headset, where it will be converted into a surround-sound landscape. Turning your head lets you get a better idea on where the ball and goal is, and if successful and refined further, who knows where this might lead to in terms of letting the blind “see” ala Daredevil?

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