Philips beehive concept does away with processed sugarWe all know that taking processed sugar is a big no-no when it comes to staying healthy, and if you absolutely must have your sweet, sugary rush, why not take the more natural route by taking honey? Unfortunately, honey can be rather expensive if you are talking about the high grade, organic ones – leading Philips to think out of the proverbial box with their latest beehive concept. Known as the urban beehive, it will comprise of an outside flower pot that has a bee entryway right above it. The glass container itself is full of honeycomb frames that intend to tempt passing bees inside to make a home.

When you pull on the bottom of the hive, a smoke actuator will kick in to calm the bees down so that you will be able to open the cover, or to collect honey for your personal use. Sounds right, since it would be pretty mad to get those little buzzers angry, especially when you’re trapped in an urban setting like a small apartment. Currently a concept, I am not quite sure whether the Philips urban beehive can really take off if realized.

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