PlayStation 3 sales catching up with Xbox 360Good news for fans of the Sony PlayStation 3 – sales of the console are starting to catch up with the Xbox 360. According to the company’s latest sales results, Sony has sold 56 million units of the PlayStation 3 globally – and just in case you were wondering, that’s 1.3 million short of Microsoft’s 57.3 million Xbox 360 sales. However, it’s worth noting that the PlayStation 3 launched about one year after the Xbox 360, while it only launched 16 months later in Europe. With Sony having difficulty breaking into the North American market with its PlayStation 3, most of the console’s sales have been from Japan and Europe.

Regardless whether Sony outsells Microsoft or vice-versa, both companies are in a head-to-head battle for second place: they aren’t anywhere close to reaching the 88.3 million Wii consoles that Nintendo has sold till date worldwide. Unless some sort of miracle happens, it’s unlikely that the Wii will be losing out to this generation of consoles. Any bets on who will be leading the race for the next generation consoles being sold by the three companies?

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