QPAD Creates MK 85 Gaming Keyboard With N key roll overGamers, if you’re in the market to replace your worn out keyboard that has been abused over the years due to gaming for hours on end, QPAD has unveiled the MK-85 gaming keyboard that features N-key roll over, a feature that we’re sure many gamers will appreciate, or come to appreciate.

They keyboard will feature non-tactile, non-audible Cherry MX Red switches, blood red LED backlighting, programmable keys, USB and audio hub functionality, and probably its most important selling point, the N-key roll over.

If you’re wondering what the N-key roll over is, essentially it’s an anti-ghosting function. What this means for gamers of FPS and MMOs is that you will be able to pull of a string of commands without a hitch, so you can reload, strafe, check the map, jump, crouch, etc all at once without your keyboard getting confused. The technology behind N-key will detect correct keypresses even when many keys are being pressed at the same time.

Now if this sounds like a keyboard you would love to get your hands on, the QPAD MK-85 will start shipping next month and will retail for €145 (~$200).

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