Razer reveals plans for small form factor systems in the futureRazer’s first gaming system offering, the Razer Blade, is expected to land stateside some time in December, and earlier this year at CES Razer revealed a concept device called the Switchblade. Unlike the 17.3” offering of the Blade, the Switchblade was a 7” device, and it appears that Razer has plans for more “small form factor” system like that in the future.

This was revealed in an interview with Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan, who said that his company had plans to release additional gaming systems once their 17.3” Razer Blade arrived for the North American market. Beyond that not much was revealed or hinted at, which leaves us wondering what other sorts of small form factor systems does Razer have up their sleeves.

Some are taking a stab in the dark by by making a wild guess that perhaps what Razer’s CEO meant was that we could expect the Razer Switchblade to arrive stateside, especially since Razer stated some time in April that China would be the first market to get their hands on the Razer Switchblade. Either way with their solid reputation in the computer gaming industry, we can’t wait to see what Razer will be coming up with.

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