When it comes to running on a treadmill, you might be in the comfort of your own home, pounding away while racking up those miles with your pair of running shoes, but one thing that is surely but sorely missing would be missing out on real world beauty, that is, having the cool morning breeze go against your face, while you watch a flock of birds flying across your head, catching all the morning activity as nature wakes up. Good thing computers do bring a certain level of realism to gyms, with Johnson Health Tech North America (JHTNA) rolling out a new range of consumer treadmills that will feature the all-new Passport media player that boasts of Virtual Active technology.

These new treadmills are capable of delivering a high-definition workout experience that was specially designed to enhance the cardio workout of serious runners. It will be very different from machines that deliver mock virtual trainers or even a generic scenic view, as Passport shows actual destination footage as well as matching ambient sounds. When hooked up to your home’s entertainment systems, it will let you see for yourself your workout data, bringing the phrase “equipment interactivity” to a whole new level. [Press Release]

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