Reserve your Ford Focus Electric todayDo you think hybrid or electric cars are the future? I myself would prefer something in the middle, and that would certainly put me in the former camp rather than the latter. After all, should we actually plunge into a nuclear apocalypse, we might have better chance finding some gas to get the hybrid going (and boy, what kind of mileage would we see on a 10th generation Prius!) compared to an electric car which well, I guess all that power spent on juicing it up to move you 50 miles could be better “invested” in powering other essentials like phones and who knows, a portable media player to keep you entertained while waiting for someone to respond to your distress signal. But I digress – the focus (pun not intended) today would be reservations being open for the Ford Focus Electric.

Boasting base price tag of $39,200, you will end up with a final price point of around $32,500 thereabouts after a sizeable federal tax credit. While it is still more expensive compared to what the Nissan Leaf would cost you before incentives are thrown in, your choice of color and seats too, will affect the final price point. Will you be picking one up? [Press Release]

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