Scout robot is versatile, can perform kamikaze bombing if requiredWhen you think about it, suicide bombers are an extremely effective tactic to induce fear in the enemy for those who have skewed values concerning life, but what if you could prevent the loss of lives on your side while sending a robot out on a suicide mission? That’s what the US Army is looking at – where they are currently developing a tiny hovering robot which is capable of scouting through the entire city, combing building by building, prior to identifying the right target before exploding itself to complete its mission. Imagine a weapon like this that can move around for 10 minutes, sending back GPS coordinates of possible targets in the process.

Of course, this “hovering tube-launched micromunition” will need to be deployed from a standard US military weapon like a mortar or grenade launcher, so humans are still in the equation, but at least it eliminates the risk of a soldier traipsing around quietly deep behind enemy lines and getting caught. The Army’s request wants this drone to be able to travel at least 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) for its scouting mission. How soon do you think we will see something like this be in action on the battlefield?

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