Skyrim gets patch after one day outingI have an interesting question for you – do you prefer to have a game or software delayed by some time more before it is released without any bugs, or rather, get that “rushed” feeling as said software is rolled out only to have users encounter a bunch of bugs and quirks, before a patch is issued? Bethesda might have plenty of hits on their hands, but those hits came with a bunch of bugs as well which ranged from weird and funny to frustrating – and as for their upcoming, highly-anticipated title known as Skyrim, it is said that a rather sizeable patch is already being worked on the game prior to its release. This patch is version 1.1, and to make it all the more memorable, it will be released with the game this coming Friday, which happens to be November 11th.

So far, initial impressions of Skyrim when it comes to the game’s visuals have been said to be breathtaking, and is touted to deliver far more options for gameplay as well. Hopefully there won’t be any crazy bugs even with the patch, and Bethesda did fare pretty well in fixing up their previous titles, so we can more or less expect the same level of quality from them this time around.

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