IKEA isn’t the only one to come up with the idea of flat packs – Tesla, the manufacturer of electric cars extraordinary, has just introduced the flat-pack battery. Yes sir, this particular battery will lie at the bottom of the car – taking up most of the vehicle’s length, so that the new Model S sedan will be able to maintain a decent trunk space while ferrying 7 passengers for 300 miles, all on a single charge. Before the arrival of Tesla’s invention, rear facing car seats had to “eat into” the space of the trunk, but not anymore with the flat-pack battery.

The Model S from Tesla is no slouch either when it comes to being equipped with the latest devices, where it sports a 3G 17″ touchscreen computer which paves the way for on-the-road navigation, media playback, internet connectivity, and apps. Shame the Model S will only debut next July, but at least we know it is more than ready to get going. Time to start saving up for one if you want to see this in your garage?

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