Tritton Trigger headset targets the budget mindedI know that times are hard, and suddenly all the spotlight is trained on Italy instead of Greece in the European zone crisis which could potentially spell disaster to the rest of the world. Well, having said that, don’t you think it would be wise to spend money in a prudent manner? The Tritton Trigger headset targets gamers who want the best bang for their buck, hence slapping a mere $50 price tag on this puppy. I does seem to be fairly similar to the more expensive Devastator, where you will get a wired headset that has stereo sound, although you will lose out on Selective Voice Monitoring functionality.

Apart from that, the drivers inside compared to the Devastator’s are smaller at 40mm, and the in-line remote will have volume rollers instead of buttons – I guess those are small sacrifices worth making, since in a recession, shouldn’t you be spending more time out there looking for a job instead of playing video games in your living room? [Press Release]

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