TwelveSouths PlugBug combines MacBook and iOS charger into oneWhile iOS devices, such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch can be charged via USB, undoubtedly charging via a direct power source would be quicker, and so for the traveler on the go, the less power plugs you carry the better, which is why TwelveSouth has launched the PlugBug, an elegant solution that allows you to charge both your iOS device and MacBook via a single plug.

MacBook owners are probably familiar with the power brick that allows you to lengthen/shorten the cable depending on your needs. The PlugBug essentially clips onto the power brick, as pictured above, thus reducing one less power plug you have to bring around with you on your travels. If this sounds like something you could use on your travels or just wouldn’t mind having around the house, TwelveSouth’s PlugBug will set you back $35 and will be available from their website.

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