3D printers used to make ATM skimmers

ATM SkimmerWhile 3D printers can be used to create all sorts of objects, it would only be a matter of time before criminals started using it for malicious intent. And well, it looks like it has already begun. A sophisticated card skimmer that was believed to be created with a 3D printer was recently discovered and removed from a Chase Bank ATM in West Hills, California. The card skimmer fit perfectly over the ATM’s regular slot which meant that it was easy to install and hard to notice if you weren’t familiar with the ATM machines.

The skimmer was capable of collecting your card data and wirelessly transmitting it over to a waiting recipient. It even featured a pinhole camera which activated whenever a card was inserted and recorded users inputting their PIN into the machine. The people responsible for the skimmer haven’t been caught yet, but this goes to show that anyone with the knowhow and resources can easily create ATM skimmers like this in the future. As usual, if you ever notice something wrong with an ATM, don’t hesitate to inform the authorities.

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