Before the Christmas weekend, we reported on rumors that seemed to suggest that Acer might be withdrawing from the tablet and smartphone scene due to their products failing to kick off in a big way. Well for fans of Acer’s offerings, the good news is that the company’s founder (and now retired) Stan Shih, announced that the company will not be giving up their tablet and smartphone operations despite poor performance.

He claims that experiencing frustration like this is an unavoidable process, similar to their experiences when attempting to break into the notebook market. The bad news is that this would mean that Acer will be rationing its portfolio and will only be putting out into the market “profitable products” that would be “niche and competitive”.

Acer’s board of directors has discussed the company’s product development and streamlining its corporate organization, and has consented to strategies of simplifying operational goals through focusing on profitable products, Shih indicated.

Considering the much overlapped development of tablet PC and smartphones, a simplified organization is expected to increase operation efficiency, reduce conflicts in product development and consolidate resources for developing niche and competitive products, Shih explained.

Will Acer succeed with their new strategy? We guess only time will tell, but for now we do not expect a flood of Acer smartphones or tablets to be hitting the market in 2012.

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