Sometimes certain situations arise where a contract needs to be signed, but unfortunately you or the other party just can’t wait a few more days for the contracts to arrive, so what do you do? Those in the enterprise world might be familiar with Adobe’s EchoSign which basically allows documents to be signed via e-Signatures which are at the same time legally binding. The good news is that EchoSign has now made its way over onto iOS and will be compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.

Users will be able to send documents from their photo album, an email attachment or even via apps such as and Dropbox. Much like its non-mobile counterpart, EchoSign for iOS will also feature real-time status tracking and users can quickly view signed agreements in their EchoSign account. For those who might be worried about security via the mobile app, according to Adobe, “The Adobe EchoSign app offers the same protection for both the sender and the signer during the signing process, including key authentication and privacy, fraud protection, and consumer disclosure.” [Press release]

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