Amazon stops playing hide and seek with rival apps on Kindle FireAmazon seems to have a rather cheeky streak to them, as they have finally stopped hiding e-reading apps from rival companies such as Wattpad, Kobo and Bluefire on the Kindle Fire, never mind the fact that those e-reading apps worked just fine. Wattpad was left scratching their head as to why its app failed to materialize for Kindle Fire users, and decided to talk man-to-man with the relevant party over at Amazon, which eventually led to a policy change concerning all developers of mobile e-reading apps. No idea on when exactly did this new policy kick in that enabled e-reading apps from rivals to show up, but sometime yesterday afternoon would be your best bet. Perhaps this is also part of the Kindle Fire update which was not trumpeted as the update arrived sometime earlier this week.

Guess the suits over at Wattpad, Kobo and Bluefire among other e-reading app developers can now breathe easy, without having to go through the rather tedious process of informing folks on how to sideload their apps on the Kindle Fire. Hopefully this is a one off incident at Amazon, and such behavior should not be repeated in the future if Amazon wants to maintain that image of playing fair.

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