You know, Rovio should really come up with a character in their Angry Birds franchise and call it the Golden Goose – or at least, a goose that lays golden eggs. After all, Rovio is not quite finished milking this cash cow, or should we say, bird, and will continue to ride the strong momentum of this franchise with word that they will be rolling out a range of Angry Birds-themed parks worldwide. Having signed a global deal with activity park manufacturer Lappset Group recently, there will be two Angry Birds parks opening in Finland next year, while those living in the UK, too, will be able to benefit as well in 2012 – although there is no word on an exact location and timing launch.

What can one expect from the Angry Birds park? Well, we are looking at animal spring riders, swings, sandpits and a range of climbing towers complete with slides, where you and your kids will be entertained by familiar characters and colors from the famous and highly addictive mobile game. Heck, there will also be an Angry Birds arcade game which can be played outdoors in the park – hopefully there is a permanent high score feature to keep you coming back!

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