Apple granted yet another patent It seems that patents are the key to conquering any market these days, as you can see through the Apple vs HTC and Apple vs Samsung cases. Cupertino has received yet another patent recently, where this particular patent enables users to switch to an app even when they are taking a call. CBS News reports that patent number 8,082,523 is known as “Portable electronic device with graphical user interface supporting application switching”, and it might prove to be another bullet in Apple’s considerable arsenal in the current patent war concerning mobile technology.

I guess Steve Jobs’ intention of going “thermonuclear war” with Google is starting to show, what with Apple picking up a victory over HTC (who primarily makes Android powered devices) that might prove to be a death blow to the Taiwanese company when it comes to doing business in the US, although Samsung, another strong partner of Android, did pick up a victory against the sales ban of the Galaxy Tab in Australia.

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