Apple patent reveals plans for noise cancellation via voice recognitionAttempting to talk to someone on the phone while in a super noisy area tends to be a bit difficult to say the least. Sure handset manufacturers have created chips and technology to help filter out unwanted background noise, but now a patent by Apple has revealed that the Cupertino company has plans to take noise cancellation to the next level via voice recognition.

What Apple’s patent has revealed was that instead of filtering out background noise, the technology would instead “learn” the user’s voice and its unique characteristics such as its frequencies and distinct sounds, and from there it will filter out background/ambient noise, but could possibly block out the talking of people in the background as well.

Taking it one step further, the patent even mentions the possibility to sending the parameters over onto the other iPhone during a call, so that when placed on speaker phone, the user’s voice would be cancelled so that they won’t hear an echo. Users will also be able to select preset settings as seen in the patent drawing above. It’s a pretty interesting concept although we’re not sure if or when it will make its way onto the iPhone. Granted it’s not the most groundbreaking patent we’ve seen, but perhaps we’re underestimating the joys and pleasures of a “clean” phone conversation.

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