A few days ago we reported that according to a rumor, future ultrabooks could be seeing touch screen functionality. As to whether that will be a feature many will be looking forward to remains to be seen, and it appears to further corroborate those rumors, Digitimes has once again come forward and stated that according to their sources, ASUS will be debuting a new ultrabook in June at Computex 2012 that will feature touch screen capabilities.

It seems that their sources have revealed to them that ASUS is planning an ultrabook for 2012 that will not only be powered by Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processor, but will run on Windows 8 while featuring a swivel based design (as pictured above). This design would allow the ultrabook to transform into a tablet running on Windows 8 with touch screen functionality.

Given how ultrabooks were meant to bridge the gap between bulky laptops and tablets, if this rumor is true, ASUS could very well be blurring those lines with their ultrabook/tablet hybrid. Will this piece of rumor come to fruition? We guess we will have to wait. Until then taking this with a grain of salt is probably just what the doctor ordered.

[Image credit – The Verge]

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