Earlier this month we reported that some customers on Amazon apparently got their pre-orders cancelled regarding ASUS’s brand new Transformer Prime tablet. The reason is apparently due to backorders and not enough supply. Well it turns out that Best Buy could be experiencing a similar problem according to reports.


Engadget has reported that thanks to tips being sent in, it appears that Best Buy has been sending out emails to some of their customers who have pre-ordered the ASUS Transformer Prime. The emails basically told these customers that shipments have been backordered and would be delayed by one to two weeks, suggesting that these customers would only see their tablets after Christmas or possibly even next year.

Best Buy reportedly told their customers that they could either cancel their pre-orders, or replace it with something similar or try their luck at brick and mortar retail outlets, which apparently does not have stock either. However according to ASUS:

“We started filling the pipelines this past week and will continue to do so on an almost daily basis this coming week, although any shipments to the partners after Wednesday will probably mean availability the following week based on logistics. But we expect the inventory pipeline to be full by the first of the year. The orders shipped this past week and starting this week will cover the pre-order allocations and then start allowing online or in-store availability.”

Could reports of the Best Buy backorders be for real or merely just a rumor? Have any of our readers who might have pre-ordered the Transformer Prime from either Best Buy or Amazon received emails informing them of potential delays or cancellations in their pre-orders?In the mean time check out our review of the tablet here.

Update – It seems that based on the majority feedback from our readers, Best Buy is indeed experiencing some sort of backorder with regards to the ASUS Transformer Prime. They have also sent out emails to their customers that reads:

The item listed below is not yet available to be shipped. We expect to ship it within the next 1-2 weeks, butyou may not receive it before December 24. We will ship the item as soon as it becomes available.

If the product is a holiday gift and you would like to discuss other ways to get your item(s) sooner, please call us at             1-888-BEST BUY       (            1-888-237-8289      ) and we will gladly assist you. Please have your order number ready.

Your options may include:Finding a store in your area with your item in stockOrdering a similar in-stock item that meets your needsCancelling your current order
Visit our forum for more information about your backordered item.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If we do not hear from you before we ship your item, we will assume that you accept this delay.

Thank you.
Best Buy Customer Service

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