While not all of us can afford a Lamborghini, perhaps the next best thing we can own would be a Lamborghini watch, although to be honest we don’t expect those to come cheap either. Well if you are after such a watch, you might want to take a look at the Avenger Vertical Tourbillon Watch that was designed by Marko Petrovic. 

In terms of specifications, little to nothing is known since it remains pretty much a concept for now. However based on its design, one can indeed see that this watch has been inspired by and designed for the Lamborghini in mind. Featuring the same angular designs, the black and orange finish, the use of “belts” and “gears”, the Avenger Vertical Tourbillon Watch has been designed to mimic the engine cover of the Aventador, even featuring an engine roll bar of its own.

It looks pretty sweet and while we have no idea if and when the watch will actually be put into production, it doesn’t really take a genius to figure that it would undoubtedly cost a small fortune when it is released, but hey, probably still cheaper than the car itself, right?

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