While everyone who still uses the BlackBerry platform are waiting for BlackBerry 10 (no longer called BBX as RIM does not have the right to use that moniker), here is some respite in between – a leaked copy of BlackBerry OS 7.1, where it does pave the way towards native mobile hotspot support. This particular 3G sharing feature that has been a staple on just about any and every Android-powered device does look as though it will finally see integration at the OS level.

The leaked BlackBerry OS 7.1 was caught running on the Torch 9810 platform, and there is also a good chance that this feature will be included in the BlackBerry 10 OS when that is finally released to the masses. Makes sense after all, doesn’t it? Bear in mind that this installer is still an unofficial version that was put together, where it will update the ROM with features found in 7.1, so you might want to make a backup before proceeding (with extreme caution).

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