Most speakers purchased for your computer usually arrive in the upright position due to the way their tweeters are placed. They are usually arranged from top to bottom, ranging from highs to lows. So what about those times when you’d wish you had a sound bar instead? Well if you’ve got the cash to spare, Buffalo Kokuyo’s USB-powered speakers should be able to provide a solution to your problem.

As you can see in the photo above, these USB powered speakers are currently in a horizontal sound bar position, but what if you decided to prop them up vertically for a more “surround” sound experience? Well assuming the translation on Impress’ website is correct, the top of these speakers can be connected/disconnected from each other via a magnet. The way that these speakers have designed allows for it to stand vertically and horizontally thanks to the placement of its “legs”.

Both left and right speakers feature double cones which apparently allows for it to produce a similar quality sound when placed vertically or horizontally. These speakers feature an amplifier output of 0.7W x 2ch, an impedance of 6Ω, a frequency range of 100Hz – 18kHz and will weigh a total of 570g. The BSSP26U Series speakers are expected to be released late December for a price of 2,793Yens ($35.81).

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