China Unicom gets to sell iPhone 4S at lastRemember our story earlier this week concerning China Unicom and their wait for the iPhone 4S, not to mention them giving up on bringing the 3G-enabled iPad 2 to China simply because they were done waiting for the relevant certification to be handed out? Guess China Unicom has something to smile about at least, where the second largest telecommunication company in China is all ready and set to roll out the iPhone 4S in that part of the world – with January 23rd being the latest date, after picking up a network access certificate from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

This certificate is of the utmost importance because it is required before any telecommunication company can sell the iPhone 4S on the mainland, and China Unicom is hoping to release it before the Spring festival. Of course, bringing home a spanking new iPhone 4S to your family and friends in time for the Chinese New Year is definitely something at the top of the minds of most folks in the fast growing country.

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