Cowon R7 is not quite there yetCowon of South Korea has rolled out its fair share of portable media players in the past, and the Cowon R7 is the latest device to arrive at their stables. Touted to be a “Full HD Super PMP”, it is more or less a 7″ tablet sans connectivity options. Yes sir, the display might be 7″ in size, but with a resolution count of just 800 × 480 pixels, that does not amount to much, does it? Its saving grace would be the battery life, if it lasts as long as advertised, offering 65 hours of non-stop playback for audio, and 10 hours for video.

The Cowon R7 will be able to support every audio and video format known at the moment, including MKV, TS, 3GP, APE, Musepack, Wavpack, True Audio, not to mention 1080p video playback. Of course, that is a waste since the device’s screen resolution won’t be able to measure up, making it redundant. At least there is HDMI output to help you play back those high definition videos on a HDTV in the comfort of your living room. The major downside would be its operating system – seriously, who uses Windows CE 6.0 these days?

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