Dell quits netbook business in favor of ultrabooksNetbooks were sort of an alternative to laptops as they tended to be smaller, thus allowing for more mobility if all you wanted to do was surf the web and type up some documents. However it looks like under the pressure of the ever-increasing popularity of the ultrabook standard, Dell has appeared to have backed out from the Mini netbook line.

According to Dell who confirmed this with The Verge, the company is no longer making consumer netbooks, nor will they be releasing new netbooks based on Intel’s upcoming Cedar Trail platform, which basically suggested that the company is no longer interested in pursuing the netbook business.

Dell’s Marketing Director Alison Garden was also quoted as saying “Thin and Powerful is where it is at for us,” suggesting that Dell would be releasing ultrabooks of their own in the future. With research showing that netbooks sales are falling and with a 40% decrease in netbook shipments in Q3 of 2011 (Gartner), it appears that Dell has made the smart choice.

So when will we be able to see Dell’s ultrabook offerings? If our earlier reported rumors is anything to go on, Dell could very well be unveiling their own series of ultrabooks at CES 2012.

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