We’re not sure why anyone would want to own the “smallest USB stick in the world”, but if you wouldn’t mind owning one even if purely for novelty purposes, you might want to check out Deonet’s offering of such a device that’s so small you will require a corded fob to ensure that you do not lose it.

The USB stick measures 19.5×14.5×2.9mm and will be available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB versions and is expected to see a launch some time in January. It’s based on the Micro UDP chip, which stands for USB Disk In Package. It’s an assembly process which molds the controller, flash IC, substrate and passive components into a small, single package as pictured above.

According to Deonet, when plugged into the USB port, it will hardly protrude which means that you can leave it in while carrying your laptop with you without fear of knocking into objects thus destroying your typically sized USB stick, although that could also mean you might forget that you’ve left it in there. No word on pricing for now.

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