Escort to deliver mobile TV in vehiclesEscort Inc. is not the kind of company that you think it is, rolling with all the high flyers as well as world leaders, providing discreet companionship during times of loneliness. No sir, Escort is a designer and manufacturer of the world’s best premium automotive accessories, where they will work hand in hand with Siano, the world’s leading supplier of mobile broadcast DTV solutions, in order to open up the option to deliver mobile TV in automobiles thanks to an iOS accessory. Known as “ESCORT MobileTV”, this particularly tiny custom designed accessory will be able to plug into the car’s pre-installed iPad headrest mount convenieintly. MobileTV will obtain support from Siano’s highly-integrated mobile DTV receiver chip as well as iOS digital TV middleware.

The inclusion of MobileTV will enable passengers to enjoy the true experience of personal, live TV in the comfort of thir vehicle, making any long trip particularly more interesting and less boring, especially if you stare out of the window and see nothing but a vast expanse of sand. I guess I am more of a nature guy, and would prefer to see different kinds of trees swaying in the wind as we zip by. Expect to see ESCORT MobileTV being demonstrated at CES 2012. [Press Release]

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