So, your fancy new compact digital camera can shoot over 10 frames per second without missing a beat? Well, perhaps you might want to take stock of the situation with this new camera that was developed by folks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which is said to shoot a trillion frames per second – making it fast enough to track the movement of individual packets of light, also known as photons. This high-speed imaging system will actually pave the way for performing 3D ultrasound scans with light, including tests for defects during manufacturing, while offering consumer-grade cameras the ability to overlay light after a photo is taken.

Currently a goal where this imaging system is concerned, it could potentially enable a consumer with a small flash to capture studio-quality photos. Of course, such efforts are not going to be a pretty sight on the wallet, as this ultrafast camera relies on $250,000 worth of equipment, where among them include a titanium sapphire laser as well as a streak camera that has been specially adapted for high-speed photography. This clearly places it well out of reach of the ordinary Joe, and you will need a special interest in niche photography to own equipment like that should it arrive on a commercial basis.

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