Flash Gordon supercomputerSupercomputers might have lost their rather iconic status, with different countries going off on their own tangents to roll out what they classify as supercomputers. Heck, the folks in China want to build their own without relying on American chips, while the Spanish are working on theirs that rely on cellphone chips. Well, the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) decided to plug in their first supercomputer that uses nothing but flash storage, so you can kiss goodbye to the standard spinning disks that we have all come to know and love when it comes to supercomputer storage. Needless to say, the name Flash Gordon has stuck, and for obvious reasons, too.

Gordon is capable of stashing away 300TB of storage space, where it comprises of 1,024 high-performance Intel 710 series drives. I can’t imagine the kind of heat that is generated with all those flash chips, although it will be infinitely quieter compared to storing all that information on using old fashioned platters and disks. Flash Gordon will come with new software that was specially designed to aggregate resources from multiple physical server nodes into “super-nodes”, enabling users to obtain immediate access to data without having to wait.

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