Love Mercedes-Benzes? Well if you can’t afford one, how about the next best thing in the form of a replica, and not just any replica, but a replica that also doubles up as an external hard drive? If so you might want to check out the Flash Rod Mercedes SLS with a 2.5” unit hidden within the model itself.


It appears that the Flash Rod only comes in one size – 500GB, but will come in a variety of colors – red, black and silver. Just like with most models and replica cars, the Flash Rod will feature working doors and a hood that when opened reveals a small portable USB HDD, along with a USB 2.0 port at the back from which you will connect it to your computer.

Unfortunately it appears the the Flash Rod Mercedes SLS has been sold out, but if you’re wondering how much it would have cost you, you would be looking at a price tag of $250, which we admit is rather pricey for a 500GB hard drive, but given its uniqueness, some of you guys might feel it’s justified. If you’d like to check out the other car replicas that they have in stock, head on down to Flash Rod’s website for the complete list.

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