Watching a school of dolphins in action is always something fun and awe inspiring, as these extremely intelligent mammals do leap into the air like a boss, and for us to emulate them while we’re in the water, well, short of being a dolphin yourself, I would say that it is impossible. Good thing there is always outside assistance – case in point, this man-made jet pack known as the Flyboard. Developed by water sports enthusiast Franky Za, you will strap your feet into shoes which are attached to powerful water jets, where hand-guided nozzles stabilize the flight after you lift yourself up in the air with it. Even better is, you are able to dive right back into the water and out again, repeatedly, to keep your dolphin friends happy. With a maximum height of 30 feet, this is one interesting contraption – although the basic Flyboard model is not going to be cheap at £4,200 a pop.

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