Footsteps used to light up Christmas tree in the UKDid you know that every year, 7.7 billion kWh of fossil-fuel energy is used to power Christmas tree lights across the world? That’s enough to power a city like London for 3 years. While we can’t tell every single person in the world to shut off their Christmas lights to save the energy, that doesn’t stop companies from trying alternative methods to power up the lights instead. If you were thinking of solar-powered lights you’re wrong – the folks over at Midsummer Place Shopping Center, have something else better in mind – people-powered Christmas lights.

Instead of using precious energy to keep the lights going this year, they’ve set up a Christmas tree in the mall surrounded by special paving slabs that will harness power from people that walk on them. The slabs will be able to generate electricity with the kinetic energy obtained from ordinary footsteps. With this 100% renewable energy, there’s no need for the mall to sacrifice the joy of Christmas lights without wasting any precious fossil fuel. Talk about innovative! Hopefully more malls in the future will adopt this concept.

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