FreedomPop promises free wireless broadband, voice and mobile services for allTired of paying through the nose for your monthly broadband and mobile bills? You might not have to anymore, if FreedomPop has anything to say about it. Started by the founder of Skype – Niklas Zennstrom; FreedomPop aims to give free wireless broadband, voice and mobile services to everybody in the US. With a motto like “The Internet is a right, not a privilege.” you can tell what the company is about.

FreedomPop will be working together with LightSquared to develop the wireless broadband network, and will make its debut in 2012, targeting “underserved markets” first. All this sounds great, but one major question remains unanswered: how is FreedomPop going to offer free services? Ad-based revenue? A freemium model? Charity? I guess more details will be revealed in the coming months, but stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time if you’re interested on being notified about FreedomPop’s services, you can head over to its website to register your interest.

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