The Stafford Borough Council has rolled out funeral webcams inside the chapel at the crematorium over on Tixall Road, coupled with a new music system in order to offer better services to family and friends of the dear departed. Why webcams, you ask? Well, for mourners who are too ill or reside too far away and are unable to attend in person can always drop by on the services through the simple act of entering a PIN code. According to Anthony Evans from the council, Internet security has been beefed up to ensure that no one else will be able to intrude on a private service.

Not only that, there will also be an 80,000-track music database that will enable families to select songs of their choice to play at funerals, so that they need not search for such songs during a difficult time such as this, resulting in having a “more meaningful funeral”. What do you think of the streaming of funerals? Definitely good for folks who are unable to make it, but there is just something about the physical presence of other mourners to comfort one another through hugs and a timely word of kindness.

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