Commuting to work does take up a fair chunk of our time each day, and for those who spend a couple of hours on a train, surely you have experienced rush hour moments that leaves you standing up, holding on to a strap for dear life? The Game Strap might change things, making you eager for the train to be packed so that you can wrap your hands around one of these straps, simply because a video game is built into those straps. Whenever you hold the handle, the game will boot up, where it can be played with your free hand. Classic titles such as Tetris will see action here, with the inclusion of built-in alerts for upcoming stations so that you don’t end up missing your stop by being too engrossed with making sure the S-shaped brick falls in the right position.

It is going to take quite the concerted effort to replace all those old handles on trains, not to mention the massive costs involved, which could very well be why this Jiang Quian idea remains but a concept as at press time. There is also the issue of vandalism that needs to be looked into with such expensive straps being installed on public transport, not to mention a possible rise in pickpocket cases as you remain engrossed with the game to notice that someone’s given you a slip already.

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