The suits over at Microsoft must have taken a close look at the HandyScan app, and upon seeing its potential, would most probably want to see many more apps of its kind that take advantage of the SkyDrive API as part of the company’s effort to continue the integration of SkyDrive into the Windows Phone platform. In fact, new adjustments introduced to the cloud service’s API over the course of last week have opened up a whole new world for developers to create third-party Windows Phone apps that are able to obtain full access to SkyDrive. This translates to the ability to upload and share images, videos and documents to boot.

Just what is HandyScan all about? For starters, it enables one to scan a document or object, in addition to uploading these scanned images directly to SkyDrive. I am guessing that the cloud is going to get a whole lot more crowded in the future once other developers see the relative success of HandyScan – what about you?

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