If there is one thing about Hollywood, it is the utter ridiculousness of how some characters are able to pull off their act on the silver screen with ease, you know for sure it is impossible in real life. Not only that, their computer systems are also so sophisticated, that it can zoom in on someone’s face that looks like a blurry mash of pixels, only to have the image magically sharpened to reveal the bad guy’s mug. Well, Hulu’s Face Match Engine is something else totally, where it is not the stuff of fiction, but rather, it will identify the actor’s face on the screen, cross reference that mugshot with its database, and pause the video to furnish you with additional information on said star.

To see Face Match in action, select the config button in the lower right corner of the video player while watching any show or clip. A radio button for actor tagging is located in the Labs setting section, assuming the currently played video supports this particular feature. Face Match can be turned on or off at your fancy, so this is a no obligations feature, although I am not quite sure how long will it be before the novelty factor wears off. Currently, Face Match is a work in progress, so they are working on expanding the total number of recognizable faces and tagging it to their respective databases.

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