Just like how electronic items need to jump through the hoops at the FCC before they are deemed as safe for mass purchase, so too, do medical devices with a different body to obtain their certification from – the FDA. Well, the iBGStar blood glucometer attachment which was specifically developed for the iPhone, is the brainchild of AgaMatrix and have its commercial work cut out by Sanofi, has recently picked up FDA approval – which means the iBGStar is ready and waiting in the wings to be sold to millions of Americans who will find yet another use for their iPhone, regardless of the generation.

Imagine using your iPhone as a visualization tool that will help you keep track of glucose readings, food and insulin intake, and exercise. This particular medical device can be used independently of the iPhone if you need to capture readings, where data can later be transferred to the iPhone when connected. Already on sale in select countries across the pond, be a little bit more patient and you ought to see the iBGStar hit the US market.

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