Intels Thunderbolt to be released for PCs in 2012 (Rumor)Intel’s Thunderbolt has been largely limited to Apple’s Mac computers, and in a way it was sort of Apple’s answer to the USB 3.0 standard. Due to its limited availablity to Mac computers, it’s really not surprising to see that not many manufacturers of computer peripherals were that interested in making Thunderbolt capable devices, but according to a new rumor, Intel may soon be releasing its Thunderbolt technology in 2012 to PC manufacturers.

Basically what this would entail is that companies such as HP,  and Dell could soon be selling notebooks and desktop computers with Thunderbolt technology installed. The rumors are saying that Intel supposedly tapped several big-name PC makers to produce Thunderbolt-equipped motherboards for notebooks and desktop PCs, and with its price expected to go down in 2012, it might be an incentive for PC makers to start picking up the Thunderbolt technology. Of course this is purely a rumor for now, so it should probably be taken with a grain of salt for now until 2012 where we will see what Intel’s plans are.

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