When it comes to Bluetooth devices, one of the longest standing names in the market would be Jabra – back in the day when Bluetooth connectivity on handsets were first introduced, Jabra was already there with their ready suite of devices to help you live out the hands-free and wireless life, while your mates had to deal with a tangled mess of wires to carry on a conversation. Fast forward to today, and Jabra is still around, catering to those who need innovative and high-quality hands-free audio solutions. Their latest range of entry-level wireless headsets is known as the Jabra PRO 900 Series, where it will comprise of both the Jabra PRO 920 and the Jabra PRO 930.

This new series will deliver highly affordable and dependable options for both organizations as well as individuals, where the Jabra PRO 930 sits in as the perfect entry-level wireless headset option, where it can be used in conjunction with desk phones, while the Jabra PRO 920 will allow you to be free like a bird, letting you multi-task at your peak efficiency level while handling a phone call. Of course, if you’re handling dangerous equipment, I’d suggest leaving that phone call until later as it would be better to ensure the safety of everyone else rather than attend to the seemingly urgent phone call. [Press Release]

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