With parking in Japan being difficult to find, the concept of a smaller vehicle makes sense. It would allow more cars to fit into more parking spaces, or allow these smaller vehicles to fit into spots that would have been otherwise difficult for a regular sized car. This concept has been visualized thanks to a joint venture between Kowa and TMUSK.

They have managed to churn out three prototypes so far – the Kobot v (Nu), Kobot β (beta) and the two seater Kobot II. The goal here for these electric vehicles is to help ease traffic congestion and provide tourists a more efficient way of getting around in environmentally sensitive sightseeing areas.

What’s interesting is that both the Kobot v and Kobot β can fold up with a touch of a button on a smartphone app. The wheelbase will contract thus further reducing the overall size and footprint of the vehicle. The good news for those planning a trip to Japan is that legal classifications set aside, Kowa-TMUSK has plans to start production of the Kobots come Fall of 2012.

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