Mike Schropp had something entirely different in his mind when he started work on a new computer from scratch – the need for speed is no longer his top priority, as he wanted something more than that. Hence, Mike decided to embark on his project with slightly different plans – to donate his computer’s off hours to have it do something useful for mankind. The end result? Something that nerds will definitely be able to appreciate – this liquid cooled monster will see a trio of CPUs as well as a dozen total cores across three motherboards and power supplies deliver all the computing power you need, and will also give a fair share of its time to IBM’s World Community Grid, which is a distributed computing project that will piggyback on the aggregated power of its members so that it is capable of performing intense computer calculations which hopefully, will aid in solving scientific problems that are related to cancer research, the treatment of malaria, improvisation on solar energy technology and others. Definitely makes me want to invest in LEGO for my future progeny if it can unleash a creative mind like his.

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