The LePad is also known as the ThinkPad in different markets, and with Lenovo behind this particular device, there are rumors from Digitimes that quote supply chain partners – ot seems as though Lenovo is working on a quad-core LePad, doubling the number of cores from the current dual-core CPU platforms in today’s ThinkPad. So far, Lenovo managed to remain afloat in the tablet market thanks to their ThinkPad model, having taken a bite out of Apple’s tablet market share in the process. It is also said that the upcoming tablet will enter mass production from next year onwards, so keep your fingers crossed that you will be able to see this hit the CES showfloor next January. Other than that, Lenovo has done a job that is as good as North Korea concealing the death of their Dear Leader, in terms of pricing and specifications, as there are no additional details on either aspect.

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