Lenovo X1 Arcade Dock Mod

I can only look on at the Lenovo X1 Arcade Dock Mod above and marvel, wishing I had half the mad engineering skills that Dean Liou, PC modification extraordinaire, possesses. In fact, I think that even he himself is more than pleased with his latest creation, being one of the coolest arcade dock mod ever. It comes with a 15″ widescreen ThinkPad X1 that has been incorporated into the cabinet design, paying homage to the Street Fighter game in the process. Sporting a single joystick and eight buttons for a truly delicious button mashing time, he has every intention to make this design mass-producible – now how about that? Check out more of the Lenovo X1 Arcade Dock Mod in action after the jump, after all, a picture speaks a thousand words, what more a video?

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