When it comes to winter, there is nothing quite like sitting around the old school fireplace, with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand, cookies in the other, and family all around, reminiscing on the good times and counting one’s blessings throughout the year. Well, how hard is it to start a fire in the fireplace, anyways? Apparently there are folks out there who would rather settle for an electronic heater, but others who want something more traditional and yet have safety in mind might want to look towards the Light ‘n Go Yule Log.

This unique yule log has the most clueless pyromaniac in mind – it comes with strategically placed cuts, sporting channels and paraffin-coated paperboard wick that are tucked into one end of a kiln-dried, heat-treated log from Estonia. It takes but a single match (or a Zippo lighter if you want to be sure) to light it up, so you can make do without all those firestarters or lighter fluid. Interestingly enough, Essay Group, the company that markets this bit of yule log, has already patented it.

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