Miansai iPhone case costs 10,000 clams

Ever wondered how it would feel like to protect your precious iPhone with a case that is worth many more times the value of the handset itself? The answer is simple – get a case like the Miansai iPhone case, and you’re good to go. After all, how many iPhone cases out there would actually cost you $10,000? The reason behind the uber high price of the Miansai iPhone case would be due to the fact that this particular model is made out of solid gold, so you do not have any extra items to worry about such as diamonds falling off, or that precious titanium being dented. Granted, gold is not exactly the toughest material out there, making me wonder whether you need another layer of protection on top of the Miansai iPhone case itself to prevent scratches?

This is definitely not a head turner in any way, and most probably people would think it is fake gold – until it is melted down, that is. At the very least when you need dough, this particular iPhone case can be melted and turned into other kinds of jewelery in the hands of a master designer.

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