Microsoft rumored to be investing in a library of Windows Phone exclusive appsMicrosoft has been putting in quite a lot of effort lately in an attempt to bring Windows Phone into the spotlight. This has ranged from providing developers with free devices, training for developing for Windows Phone, helping Nokia and Samsung advertise and market their smartphones, and lately there has been a rumor that Microsoft is looking to invest in a library of exclusive apps for Windows Phone.

Apparently this library of exclusive apps will be so good that “buyers will get a Windows Phone just to play them.” This would basically equate to how Sonic has largely been limited to SEGA devices (until it got ported over onto smartphones), Mario for Nintendo, Halo for the Xbox, etc. According to the source who spoke with WMPoweruser, these apps/games are currently in development and it would not be long before we see them start to make their way into the Windows Phone Marketplace.

It’s quite hard to imagine what sort of exclusive apps Microsoft could be developing that would make users buy a Windows Phone purely for it, but if the rumor is to be believed, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft has up their sleeves. Halo for Windows Phone anyone?

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