MIT suit simulates that 70 year old feelingYou know how there are mommy suits that might help men emphatize with their pregnant wives? Well, it seems that the bright sparks over at MIT have come up with something cooler – a suit that literally puts you in the shoes of a 70-year old. The AGNES suit as it is called, will help designers understand the needs of an aging population as more and more people put off having a family younger in order to concentrate on their careers. The AGNES suit has been specially calibrated so that it lets the wearer experience the feeling of being 70, warts and all.

Not only will your sight be affected, your neck is also stiffened, while your gait ends up shortened. This is what we call an “empathy enhancer”, where it will certainly beat interviewing those who have hit 70 and beyond when it comes to designing a product. I wonder whether the AGNES suit can be tweaked to simulate a 60-year old’s body, or how about that of an octogenarian? There is nothing quite like literally placing yourself in the shoes of another if you were to know how one feels.

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